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Thank you for visiting our web page. We invite you to give us a call to discuss any water problems or products that we offer. Our approach is a little different from other companies providing products for residential and light commercial applications. We match the solution to the problem. Before recommending a product, we can analyze a water sample in our State certified laboratory. Then as an independent business, we can select the best products on the market to solve the problem unique to an individual water source. Our Springfield area phone number is 725-4141. Outside the Springfield calling area, dial 800 999-2832 Because water is a "universal solvent," there are variations in the quality in a given area. As a result of it's solvent action water dissolves at least a portion of everything it touches. It dissolves metals, rocks, waste matter , gases, dust and numerous other foreign substances and may contain appreciable amounts of these dissolved materials. A laboratory analysis of a water may show that it contains (a) dissolved materials, (b) dissolved gasses, (c) turbidity and sediment, (d) color and organic matter, (e) taste and odor, and/or (f) microorganisms. Because of the many contaminants present in water, a wide variety of technologies have been developed to make water suitable for an intended use: drinking water, laundry, industrial processes, aqua culture, sanitation, fire fighting, osmosis and distillation. Suspended solids are removed by filtration. Gases are removed by oxidation and/or aeration. Microorganisms are removed by boiling, chlorination, ultraviolet disinfections and ozone. To properly correct a water problem, a laboratory analysis of the water and the education, experience and professional qualifications are needed to properly select and apply the appropriate technology.

On September 1, 1979 Hollis H. (Bert) Brower, Jr. moved to Springfield, MO bringing 15 years of water treatment experience with Dow Chemical Co., Drew Chemical Corp. and Betz Laboratories to the area. The business was initially operated from Brower's basement with borrowed warehouse space for product storage. We now do business from a 6000 sq/ft facility South of Nixa, MO.

Over the years Brower has observed many changes in the water treatment field. The most significant has been the health and environmental movement. In the past water quality was taken for granted, but increased interest by the public in water quality is being expressed for economic, environmental and health reasons. This has spurred a whole new industry of specialized products and services. The result is the need for greater technical support capabilities, more sophisticated products and a greater level of training for personnel. In order to maintain a high level of professional qualifications, he holds the following licenses and certifications and maintains membership in the following organizations.

Certifications and Licenses

Missouri Department Of Natural Resources Operator Licenses

  • A Level Water License
  • A Level Wastewater License
  • III Level Distribution License

Water Quality Association

  • Certified Water Specialist Level VI (CWS VI)

National Institute for the Uniform Licensing Of Power Engineers

  • Chief Engineer
  • Technical Instructor
  • Examining Engineer

Professional Organizations

  • Water Quality Association
  • Missouri Water Quality Association
  • Nixa Chamber of Commerce
  • Springfield Home Builder Association
  • Missouri Small Slows
  • Springfield Board of Realtors
  • Association of Water Technologies
  • National Association of Power Engineers
  • National Institute for the Uniform Licensing Of Power Engineers
  • Ozarks Green Building Coalition
  • James River Basin Partnership
  • Missouri Rural Water Association

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